MUP-C783 6 Pin Sim Card Holder

MUP C783 6 pin Simcard Holder is used in intelligent monitoring terminal, wireless data communication system, mobile phone, handheld POS machine, memory key management and other intelligent identification system, etc.

Product Specifications:MUP C783 6 pin Simcard Holder

  • 6 PIN Nano Card
  • SMT Type (without post)

Product Details:MUP C783 6 pin Simcard Holder

Dimension 13.30Lx10.60Wx1.35H mm
SIM Slot Single SIM
Holder Type Micro Slot,MicroSD Slot,Nano Slot
Weight 0.50+/-0.2 g
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85 Deg C
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 85 % RH
Durability Min 15000 cycles
This MUP 783 6 pin connector has a Contact resistance: 50mΩ typical, 100mΩ Max and has an Insulation resistance: >1000mΩ /500V DC and is specifically designed for high performance and flexibility to give prospective customers quick applications of the individual devices in their product series, Other kinds of models are optional, you would like is our goal. Its basic Features involve:
Fast reaction capacity, Broad application domain, superior performance, Ideal stable performance. It is used in a wide range of applications like Access Control Terminal, Terminal identification module, Telecommunication and Handset, Grasps pos machine, Memory dense spoon management special-purpose and also Other Identification recognition. Intelligent monitoring terminal, wireless digital communication systems, mobile phones, handheld POS machines, memory key management and another intelligent identification system.
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Products widely utilized in banking equipment, computer communication, advertising machine, Automotive electronics, smart reader, smart watch, STB. This MUP C783 6 pin simcard Connector has a Good contact performance Combo SD/SIM, Mini, Micro, Nano, Block, and Chip. It is incorporated with PCB Mounting Side: Reverse, Normal Ejector Type: Bar-Push, Push-Pull, Push-Push, Pull-Lever, Block, Guide and Hole within.