5v Relay Module

5V Relay Module provides a reliable and efficient solution for controlling devices with ease. Operating at 5V, this versatile relay module is suitable for various electronics projects and automation applications.
1 channel 5v relay module is designed for switching only a single high powered device from your Arduino. It has a relay rated up to 10A per channel at 250VAC or 30VDC. There are two LEDs on the relay module indicating the position of the relay. We have three channels of the relay broken out to screw pin terminals. The channels are labeled for their function: common (COM), normally closed (NC), and normally open (NO). On the other side of the module, there are three pins – a Ground pin and a VCC pin to power the module and an input pin IN to control the relay. The input pin is active low, meaning the relay will be activated when you pull the pin LOW and it will become inactive when you pull the pin HIGH.

FEATURES : 5V Relay Module

  • Trigger Voltage: 5 VDC
  • Trigger Current : 20 mA
  • Maximum Switching Voltage: 250VAC@10A; 30VDC @10A
  • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Configuration
  • Power supply indicator lamp


The 5V Relay Module is an indispensable component for any electronics enthusiast or automation project. This versatile relay module offers seamless control over devices, making it an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.Operating at 5V, this relay module is compatible with most microcontrollers, Arduino boards, Raspberry Pi, and other development platforms. Its low voltage operation ensures energy efficiency and simplifies power supply requirements.

With its compact design and straightforward interface, integrating the 5V Relay Module into your projects is a breeze. The module is equipped with user-friendly connectors and clear labeling, streamlining the setup process and saving you time and effort.The 5V Relay Module excels in reliability and performance. It is capable of handling various loads, making it suitable for controlling lights, motors, appliances, and other electronic devices. Additionally, the module incorporates built-in protection mechanisms to safeguard your valuable components from voltage spikes and damages.
Experience seamless device control and elevate your electronics projects with this reliable and durable 5V Relay Module. Whether you're working on home automation, robotics, IoT applications, or industrial setups, this versatile module delivers outstanding performance
The 5V Relay Module is a powerful electronic component that empowers you to take full control of various devices with ease and precision. This versatile module operates at a 5V DC input, making it compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers and development platforms. Whether you're a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast, or a seasoned electronics expert, this relay module opens up a world of possibilities for your projects. Let's explore the features, applications, and benefits of this essential tool for automation and device control.

Key Features: 5V Relay Module

  • Low Input Voltage: Operating at 5V DC, this relay module ensures energy efficiency and simplifies power supply requirements, making it suitable for various setups.
  • High Switching Capacity: The 5V Relay Module can handle various loads, enabling you to control lights, motors, appliances, and other electronic devices.
  • Versatile Single Channel: With one independent channel, you can control a single device, offering precise and independent switching capabilities.
  • User-Friendly Design: The compact and straightforward design allows for easy integration into your projects. Clear labeling and user-friendly connectors streamline the setup process.
  • Built-in Protection: This relay module incorporates built-in protection mechanisms to safeguard your valuable components from voltage spikes and damages, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Features: 5V Relay Module

  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Low power consumption for energy efficiency
  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • High switching capacity for versatile applications
  • Built-in protection against voltage spikes
  • Supply voltage – 5V
  • Logic Signal voltage – 3.3V or 5V
  • Quiescent current: 2mA
  • Current when the relay is active: ~70mA
  • Relay maximum contact voltage – 250VAC or 30VDC
  • Relay maximum current – 10A.

Applications: 5v Relay Module

  • Home Automation Systems
  • Robotics and DIY Projects
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Consumer Electronics


Package Information:1x 5V Relay Module
The 5V Relay Module is an indispensable tool for anyone working on electronics, automation, and DIY projects. Its ability to control various devices with precision, low power consumption, and built-in protection make it a reliable choice for a multitude of applications. Whether you're an electronics hobbyist or a professional developer, this versatile relay module empowers you to control your world with ease and efficiency. Unlock the full potential of your projects and take the first step towards seamless device control with the 5V Relay Module.