10000W SCR Thyristor Module

The 10000W High Power SCR BTA100-800B Electronic Voltage Regulator Module increases the heat sink, more stable performance plus secure shell, more secure and reliable. If you take a few 1000 W of power, the housing will heat (SCR 100A heat at around 70 degrees in normal). Preferably a self-imposed cooling fan.
Note: Do not touch the wiring inside the casing.
Features - SCR Motor Controller 10000W
  • Voltage: AC 220V
  • Maximum Power: 10,000W (5,000W can be used at room temperature for a long time)
  • Voltage Regulation: AC 10V to 220V (Adjust begin 20V)
  • Double circuit board design.
  • High-voltage condenser.
  • ST trigger diode.